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Hella Lot of Stairs :-) Tower of Trials Update

Proofreading progress on Tower of Trials,Book 1 of Guardian SpiritDante’s hell had a lot of circles.  Tower of Trials’s proofreading hell has steps–17, which break down to 16 chapters and 1 novella-wide action.  Last night, I took 2 steps, and I start on the 3rd tonight, all in hopes of getting off the blasted stairs by March 1.   *crosses fingers*  If my ADD-half doesn’t collapse from exhaustion, that is.

But, in a way it’s funny, because this 1st book in the Guardian Spirit series features a boatload of stairs as a magical trial.  I’m beginning to understand what I put my characters through now.

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Season of Death, Archer, and–Squirrel!

ADD squirrel time
ADD squirrel time (Pic by werner22brigitte/Pixabay)

I’ve backburnered Season of Death, because by the time I got its first draft done, I realized I really needed to complete and publish the prequel first, which is a novel, which means–squirrel!

Yup, that’s an ADD/dog/Up call out.

Yup, that means, although I finished the first draft of Season of Death, instead of working on the New World series, I’ve been spending my time on a completely different, unrelated series nicknamed Archer (real name is probably Guardian Spirit).

Here’s a somewhat-edited snippet from nicknamed Archer 1 (whose true title is probably Tower or Tower of Trials), from Chapter 1, by me, Jodi Ralston: Continue reading Season of Death, Archer, and–Squirrel!

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