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Thief in the Garden of the Gods Is Available!

I’ve been sick since Dec 24 with the zombie flu (only half joking; the last few days I’ve felt like a couch zombie or maybe a zombie fungus growing on the couch for all I managed to leave it).  So I’ve been remiss in updating this site about some news.

Thief CoverThief in the Garden of the Gods (Kindle link), my fantasy novelette of about 14,000 words, is now up on Amazon Kindle.  Right now it’s only available on Kindle, for the next 90 days, to try out Kindle Unlimited.  It’s 99¢ currently.

Anyway, here’s a description from the Zon page.

Jeret enjoys his role as a warden in the gods’ pleasure gardens, but soon his life takes a turn for the worse when Lady in Black gets away with a plant while he is on duty. He has to go after her to the Land of the Living, which is poisonous to gods and wardens, and retrieve it before the thief uses it in a spell to kill all gods.

Fantasy novelette inspired by ancient Egypt.

By “inspired” I don’t mean it’s set in ancient Egypt.  It’s a made-up world with made-up magic.  But I let my muse play with my personal collection of Egyptian references, and I included Egyptian touches in the work, such as ideas of costumes, gods, afterlife, and religious beliefs.

There is one bit that isn’t Egyptian inspired, but personal.  The flower in the story isn’t Egyptian, but one I love and raised at one point in my life.


That pic isn’t mine.  I wish it was mine.  I wish the flower was mine.  The pic is from Hans/Pixabay, and it’s pretty close to what I pictured the stolen flower to look like.  (I say pretty close for more than one reason.  I’m a little colorblind once colors get dark enough, so I can’t tell if that is purple inside the white or not.)

Anyway, I currently have notes for another story set in this world–just not a sequel.  Yet.  If it turns out according to plan, the next story won’t be Egyptiany but more Greco-Romany (another section of my personal library).  Once I get past my zombie flu, I’ll put some real work into it.

Well, last but not least, before I sign off some handy links.

Kindle Link:  Thief in the Garden of the Gods by Jodi Ralston

Brief description and permalink to my Published Works page.


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